Take 50 excitable, shrieking children.

Put them in a cottage by the beach.

Throw in games, singing, dancing, swimming and a whole lot of eating

Add a dash of friendship and self-discovery.

What you get is:

50 children who don’t want to return home.

And some very exhausted but equally thrilled teachers.


Aksa Camps

Initiated in 2001, the 3-day camps at Aksa have probably contributed in a big way towards excellent report cards and high attendance at school. In fact, a mere mention of the camp gets homework done doubly fast. With space offered at a concession by the J.J. Hospital Nursing Association , the camps are an excellent getaway for children who’ve seen only the ugly side of the street, the slum and the construction site. Surrounded by palm trees and lapping waves, the children enjoy the unadulterated thrills of childhood.

Apart from camps, children are also taken on excursions to places of interest - a milk colony, a post office, a biscuit factory and their all-time favourites, Esselworld.

On a regular basis, volunteers also involve children in games and craft, with some of them even taking them rock-climbing.


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