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Bridge Courses are conducted for younger children in the age group 5-10 years who are not up to the desired academic levels of the class they are in at the formal school or for those children who have never been to school before. Suitable training is imparted in the vernacular language as well as English and Maths to enable them to join the mainstream by ensuring direct admission to classes based on their age and aptitude.

General Batches comprise of those children who are at the required academic levels of the class they study in the in the formal school and hence they attend the General Batches. Over 90% of Sunbeam beneficiaries are now attending General Batches.

Those children who are in the 10th std. or in college are enrolled into professional coaching classes and the parents pay a certain percentage of the fees (as per our policy) towards these classes. However, those children who remain weak in English continue to attend Sunbeam classes specifically meant for developing and building conversational skills.

Those children who do not have the aptitude or who cannot continue to study till graduation because their economic backgrounds compel them to earn their livelihood will be enrolled into Vocational Training institutes for one year diploma courses, on completion of which they can start earning in order to supplement their family income.

Sunbeam is a home away from home for our 1,000+ beneficiaries where they receive unconditional love, where people believe in their potential and walk with them every step to provide a normal childhood and give wings to their dreams








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