Future Plans

Last year, our first batch of children reached Degree College. And we look forward to the day when we can share with you that they are on their way to careers of their choice…

In order to fulfil their dreams and the goals of Sunbeam, here are some of our plans:

  1. Enrollment of SSC & Junior college students in coaching classes to prepare them for their Board exams. We also plan to build staff capacity to handle their requirements of the 1st to 9th std students.Parents - teachers meetings are also held on a regular basis.
  2. From this year onwards, we’ve introduced career planning for the children. We plan to invite professionals from various fields to counsel the children. Career counsellors will also be invited to speak to them.
  3. We plan to tie up with Vocational Training institutes to assist children who show a greater aptitude for mechanical and manual skills.
  4. Our goal is also to build staff capacity through regular training and ensure adequate support to them.





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