How you can help

Over the years, volunteers and donors never tire of sharing one fact – it’s not easy to give!

The children give back so much more and so willingly, it’s hard not to feel like a beneficiary oneself.

Our goal therefore is to involve as many people as we can in this positive movement, which enriches both – the child and the caring adult.

Some of the people who participated in the circle of giving.

Mr. Hem Agrawal donated workbooks

Mr. Ashish Sheth and Baroda Shakti group donated notebooks.

Many individual donors have set up libraries for our children.

Tata Consultancy Services supported Sunbeam by giving computers.

Ambedkar Bhavan Trust authorities and BDD chawl committee members have been kind enough to offer us space to conduct our education classes at worli year after year.

Mr. Mustafa Nulwalla has been running in the Mumbai Marathon for the last 2 years and raising substantial funds for Sunbeam.

Tata Services Ltd also contributed to Sunbeam via the Mumbai Marathon in January 09.

Ms. Janaki Venkat and Mr. Hem Agrawal have sponsored staff capacity building.

Individual donors partner us by arranging for chindren's parties on happy occasions and festivals.

Mr. Prashant Sarkar sponsors Exposure visits for our chidren every year.

Would you like to be part of this circle too?

To contribute financial and material resources click here.

To volunteer your time and skills, click here.



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