Organisation Structure


Khurshid Dabdi - Managing Trustee

Khurshid Dabdi joined CRY in 1989 in an administrative function. But her dream of working with children took shape only in 1996, when children from the construction site nearby peeked into the CRY office. She helped set up the Neighbourhood Project. When the project crystallized into Sunbeam, she quit CRY to nurture her dream full time. In the early years, she was standby teacher, community worker, counsellor, administrator, accountant and babysitter. But her favourite title even today is ‘Khurchi didi’, as the children at Sunbeam fondly call her.

Sangeeta Kapila

Sangeeta hopped over from a career in Advertising to CRY. And currently is General Manager - Communications. Her fondness for the children and her uproarious laugh meant that the children never took her apparent stern demeanour seriously. Not that Sangeeta minded very much either. She’s happiest when children from the Project visit her at the CRY office.

Sameer Koticha

In April 2000, the Sunbeam trustees met investment bankers from ASK Groups, Asit and Sameer Koticha, hoping for a small donation. What they got instead was an offer to underwrite the entire cost of Sunbeam. The Koticha family supports several charities, but their commitment to children and desire to be more than donors saw them join the Sunbeam Board of Trustees in 2002. Now, even their family members volunteer their time at Sunbeam. ( Asit Koticha is no longer a Sunbeam Trustee )

Vivek N Gour
Chief Financial Officer, Genpact Limited

"I was attracted to Sunbeam by the dedication and integrity of its staff, trustees and leader, Khurshid Dabdi,” says Vivek Gour, who first visited the project in July 2000. Vivek supports other NGO’s as well, but Sunbeam has a special place in his heart. As he says, “I am particularly impressed with the care that Sunbeam’s staff takes in nurturing the self respect & self confidence of the children.”

Vivek Gour associated himself with Sunbeam from 2001, joined the Board of Trustees from May 2005 and continues to be our major Corpus donor.

Sunbeam Friends & Advisors

They’ve believed in us. They’ve guided us. They’ve displayed their trust by supporting our Corpus. Where would we be without friends like these?

Leela Alvares

Leela wrote the Neighbourhood Project’s first fund-raising mailer in 1996 – a personal account of her interaction with the children, and the response was overwhelming. Since then, she’s been Sunbeam’s resident writer, putting together most of Sunbeam’s communication material, including this website. She moved on from CRY (in 1998) to a career in Advertising, and currently works in an advertising agency in Dubai , from where she continues to write the Annual Report for Sunbeam. She was a Trustee of Sunbeam from 1996 until 2005, when she moved to the Middle East .

Pervin Varma
Former CEO and current Trustee of CRY

Pervin Varma was one of the earliest supporters of the Neighbourhood Project. She’d walk in to office to find her team distributing biscuits and milk and handing out books to the children, and she’d join in as well. Pervin’s been a friend and mentor to Sunbeam, especially in testing times. Even today, she and her husband are a constant source of support and encouragement to Sunbeam.

Narasimhan Narayanan
Chief Financial Officer - Asia Growth Markets GE Healthcare

Narasimhan Narayanan is a great believer in education as the panacea for India’s problems. He always wanted to support a cause that promoted education. When he stepped into the Kamala Mills centre and saw the children studying there, he made up his mind to support Sunbeam. “The sheer enthusiasm of the children and the parents is amazing,” marvels Narasimhan.

Puja Shenoy
Regional Director - West, CRY - Child Rights & You

Puja headed the HR function in CRY. And provided invaluable support when it came to formulating the HR systems for Sunbeam. Today, when teachers at Sunbeam speak of their KFA’s and goal-setting, we know who to thank.



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